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Insight Pyramid Commercial Outdoor Heater Adds Warmth and Comfort to Exterior Dining

high quality commercial Patio Heater NightAs restaurants in the northern regions of the United States look to extend the outdoor dining season, an outdoor commercial heater is required to maintain a comfortable environment for those dining outdoors. Commercial heaters are intended for commercial use, made with the highest grade of steel and commercially-rated parts, and they come with a warranty, unlike many purchased through a retail outlet.

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Metal Portable Patio Fence Popular for Chicago Zoning

Le ReveChicago is a great city with historical sites, shops, restaurants, and urban charm. In effort to maintain this charm organizations must adhere to zoning ordinances (click here to link to the Chicago Landscape Manual). Many who own restaurants, cafés, bistros, and other establishments that serve alcohol and offer outdoor dining and seating need to separate the dining area from foot traffic.

The outdoor metal, portable patio fence offered by Outdoor Restaurant Seating is stable, elegant, and meets the zoning requirements in Chicago and across cities and town in America. (Click for Chicago Zoning Ordinances).

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Portable Patio Fencing Ideal for Restaurants to Social Distance Diners

With the easing of the lockdown across the United States, restaurants are looking to expand outdoor dining with portable patio fencing options. Recent surveys show that Americans want to venture out of their homes and desire to eat out. Outdoor dining and following social distancing protocols seem to be the best way to keep restaurant patrons happy and healthy.

Many restaurants seek to expand their existing outdoor patios, decks, and other areas, to accommodate diners and spread out tables. Those who serve alcohol in their establishment are subject to follow zoning guidelines that enclose the dining area with fencing.

One of the most affordable and attractive options is commercial steel fencing. Commercial fencing is modular and can be purchased and shipped to any location throughout North America. Standard sizes allow for owners to quickly and easily assemble the moveable fencing for a fraction of the time and cost that a local fence company would take to install customized fencing. The fencing sections come in 6- and 4-foot lengths, and each section is fastened to a perpendicular connecting or end post. Once assembled, this design is sturdy and does not require fastening of the fencing into the substrate, although it could be. The fencing is commercial-grade, heavy-duty steel, offering durability and strength.

Best of all, we will assist you with planning your layout and choosing product quantities. Fencing is currently in stock and can ship in 3-5 business days — in time for you to meet your customers’ demands and appetites.

To learn more about outdoor portable patio fencing, click here.

Outdoor Restaurant Sectional Fencing Is Flexible In More Ways than One

Outdoor Restaurant Freestanding Sectional Fencing Is Flexible In More Ways than One

Flexibility is key when catering to the public, from the menu selections to the method of seating. When the time comes to expand to the outside, or set up for that special occasion, solid, innovative, freestanding sectional fencing is the way to go for that decorative touch.

When serving alcohol to outside patrons, it is advisable to fence off a perimeter to keep minors away from adult beverages. It is, of course, always helpful to create a boundary around the dining area to keep non-paying “guests” out and paying guests from becoming “non-paying” guests. You always want to be flexible when handling your dining and entertainment areas.

Outdoor restaurant fencing meets your needs for stability, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal. Plantation Prestige’s Fencing sections allow you to create any configuration, from 90-degree angles to straight shots. The unique, solid steel welded panels easily connect to heavy gauge steel stanchions that allow you to pivot them at any angle yet remain sturdy. You only need a wrench or ratchet to install the included hardware. You have more important things to be concerned about than monkeying with lots of tools.

Four-foot and six-foot sections allow you to mold the fencing to your space’s dimensions, so you can mix and match sizes and angles. BONUS: The stanchions contain flanges that support them without drilling into the sidewalk or pavement; however, they also provide you that option if you want — and are allowed by ordinance — to have a permanent fixture. NOTE: Some ordinances require stanchion bases to be flat — not a problem with our stanchions!

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Replacement Synthetic and Faux Teak Slats Keep Furniture Looking Good

Over the past few years, synthetic teak, also known as faux teak outdoor furniture has been a top selling product in the hospitality industry. Synthetic teak offers the same elegant look as natural teak but requires much less maintenance than natural teak. The synthetic teak slats are strong, durable and resistant to water, UV rays, mold and other conditions in the outdoor environment. Despite the hardiness of a synthetic faux teak furniture, synthetic teak slats are not indestructible. Unwieldy patrons, deep scratches and other sustained harsh usage and conditions can damage a faux teak slat. Fortunately, one of the selling points and features of synthetic teak furniture is that damaged slats are able to be replaced. This makes a synthetic teak table top, barstool, or chair is like new again.

synthetic teak replacement slat

Click here to see our replacement slats

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Outdoor Restaurant Fencing Should Remain inside Local Ordinances

Outdoor Restaurant Sectional, Freestanding Fencing Should Remain inside Local Ordinances

Your restaurant business is booming, and the walls are bursting at the seams. It’s time to expand beyond the four walls — or maybe you want to give your patrons a treat during the warmer months by setting up an outdoor dining area but don’t intend to make it permanent. Either way, Plantation Prestige and Outdoor Restaurant Seating have the permanent solution: flexible, freestanding, sturdy, sectional fencing!


As a restaurant, bistro, café, or other venue operator, you are aware of local ordinances, zoning, and the need for permits. Any boundary changes, especially in public areas, most likely require inspections and permits from the zoning authorities. This can be true for temporary fencing as well, especially if it is in a public space, such as a sidewalk, alley, or parking lot. You want to keep your patrons within a comfortable boundary and safe from hazards, and your municipality wants to keep its citizens safe from obstructions. This may also pertain to other outdoor restaurant furniture, such as benches, heaters, and trash receptacles.

There are many possible considerations that vary from place to place, and that can change without notice. Zoning ordinances take into account the dimensions and types of barriers; the special needs of people with impairments; the location of barriers and fencing relative to buildings and curbs; size of openings, plants, umbrellas, etc.; method of attachment; and a myriad of other considerations you may not have thought of.

Please check with your local authorities before installing commercial outdoor restaurant fencing or furniture, even in a temporary situation.

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