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Outdoor Commercial Steel Benches & Trash Can Receptacles for Malls, Shopping Centers

Developers of outdoor malls and retail centers offer patrons waste receptacles and trash cans to help keep the parking and common areas clean. Hotel, condominium and homeowner associations also want the receptacles on the grounds of their communities and facilities. To provide additional comfort and environment to the experience, many also like to offer benches. Both the benches and the trash receptacles should be commercial construction and heavy-duty.

The below items are ideal for retail centers, senior living and apartment communities and any other location that wants to offer heavy duty metal park benches and trash cans.

Black Commercial Steel Trash Can Receptacle

commercial outdoor steel trash can

This trash or waste can is made out of commercial steel and is heavy duty. The receptacle weighs 203 pounds and has neutral charcoal finish. The can’s top fans out encouraging trash to fall into or at least on top the top ledge to the opening of the canister for less than careful trash thrower. The trash can is four feet height (48 inches) from the top of the rain bonnet. The circumference of the trash cash is 35 inches.

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Options For Commercial Outdoor Sectional Sofas For Restaurants And Hotels

People like being outside, and it is no wonder that people are now seeking more comfort in their dining and leisure experiences. This has been seen in the latest trend from urban rooftop gardens to suburban patio spaces. The hospitality industry is no different than residential trends. Hotels, restaurants, lounges, bars and other areas where people frequent for food, drinks and fun are racing to build, expand or improve their outdoor space.

Sofa seating including three person sofas, love seats, arm chairs and other outdoor modular seating are now providing the experience that goes beyond the standard table and chair.

Outdoor sofas and loveseats provide a comfort and intimacy for a couple or group like no other.

When choosing an outdoor sofa or loveseat for your location there are several considerations and materials and style. It is important to note that the products discussed here are all commercial quality and will perform well in any hospitable environment.

Outdoor Frames For Commercial Sofas And Loveseats

Most all the commercial sofas and loveseats have aluminum frames. Aluminum is durable, lightweight and rust resistant. Depending on the style of the sofa the aluminum may be painted or/and anodized chrome.

aruba 3 piece 3

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Temporary Self-Standing Outdoor Fencing for Sidewalk and Outdoor Dining

You need a temporary, self-supportive fence for your restaurant. You have a restaurant and you want to expand your outdoor dining venue. It gives you more tables, more seats, and more opportunity to grow your restaurant business. Additionally, having patrons dine outside allows you to showcase your food, beers, and other delectables, and acts as free advertising for your business.

The only thing standing between you and the great opportunity is your local government, be it the city, town, or other municipality, where your restaurant is located.Outdoor Moveable Fence Pix

Chances are, if you are serving alcohol outdoors, be it in a sidewalk dining area, or next to another parking lot or pedestrian area, you will need a temporary fence to section off your space from the public space. Not a bad idea. The issue is that the fencing needs to look good, have a specified height, and other qualifiers that bureaucrats need to sign off on after you file your plans and pay a usurious fee. Oh yeah, you cannot fasten your fencing into the pavement or sidewalk. What does a restaurant owner do?

We have the solution for your bar or restaurant. Many restaurant owners and managers come to us with their zoning requirements, asking what type of outdoor portable moveable fencing would conform to zoning requirements and yet be stylish and functional for clients.

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Outdoor Commercial Restaurant And Hospitality Bench Seating for Three

With the rise in popularity of outdoor dining many restaurants, hotels, condos and other establishments are looking to improve their outdoor dining experience. This includes the comfort of their commercial furniture, decorations, layout and flow of the area, and utilization of space.

In response to the needs of the hospitality industry, many outdoor restaurant furniture manufacturers are offering outdoor commercial benches in their product lines. There are several color, material and style options available:


Vista Aluminum Bench by BFM

aluminum bench

The Vista aluminum bench matches with the Vista family style offered by BFM Seating which includes the Vista table tops including the Vista outdoor ADA accessible 4-leg table, and Vista outdoor seating offered as a side chair, arm chair, and bar stool. The Vista bench offers seating for three and a hardware set to bolt down the bench is also available. The bench is powder coated and available in a black or earth (dirt brown) finish.



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Gray Faux Teak Restaurant Furniture Options

Wood look and faux teak looks sharp and is easy to maintain. The faux teak material is durable and has a longer life than natural teak, which grays and stains over time if not constantly oiled and maintained. For these reasons, faux teak offers greater value for the restaurant and hotel owners with an eye on their budget.

Faux teak is synthetic teak, or a resin based (plastic) material that is fade and mildew resistant. The faux teak slats for a table top or a chair seat or seat back are simply made out of ‘fancy plastic’ and held together with an aluminum metal frame.

BFM Seaside Gray Teak chair

Faux teak, wood look teak, plastic teakwood and synthetic teak are all basically the same products. Depending on the manufacturer the furniture varies in style, quality and long-term durability. Because the synthetic teak is so popular you can probably find it at several locations close to where you live: restaurants, bars, bistros, cafes, hotels, poolside, country clubs, condominium and homeowner associations…and the outdoor dining and venue list goes on.

Purchasing brown faux teak will surely add some pop and appeal to your restaurant, but at this point it is now the show stopper furniture line that it once was. For those seeking quality outdoor commercial restaurant furniture that will be a wow factor at their venue for some time is the gray faux teak. Gray faux or gray synthetic teak is the same teakwood look plastic slats with an aluminum gay. Many many design trends, the novelty is in the color variation.

Gray synthetic teak is elegant and subtle with a black, gray or charcoal powder coated aluminum frame with a gunsmoke or grayish brown synthetic teak. Whether you like the styling of BFM’s Sea Side tables and seating, Florida Seating’s DC200A or their gray synthetic teak option available on all their synthetic teak or Plantation Prestige’s Durango dining, side and bar seating, each product line is commercial quality and styling that you will love.

To find out which fauxwood or synthetic teak option is right for your location call our experts at 610-994-1686. We will work with your restaurant’s budget, space and layout requirements and find the best solutions for your venue. Outdoor Restaurant Seating sells numerous materials in outdoor and indoor commercial restaurant furniture.

ADA Restaurant Tables for Outdoor Use & Accessibility in California and elsewhere

Recently, many states like California have mandated that restaurants and other establishments make provisions for seating in dining rooms for those in wheelchairs. The spirit of these laws provides accessibility for those with limited mobility or disabilities, much like that of entrance ramps, tactile signs and other ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines.

Having ADA accessible tables not only enables a restaurant to comply with laws, but it also makes sense to provide greater access and comfort to all.

ADA Accessibility for Indoor and Outdoor Restaurant Dining

A typical cafe table with a center table base is not ADA accessible. An ADA accessible table should have legs at the table’s four corners, provide 30” clear space under the table and 36” of uninterrupted space across the side of the table. Typical sizes for ADA tables that are commonly manufactured are 36” x 36”, 30” x 48” or 32” x 48”.

Metal Outdoor 32" x 48" ADA Accessible Restaurant Table

Vista ADA table

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