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E-coating, or electrophoretic coating, is a process used to apply a layer of lacquer or covering to metal products such as automotive parts or, in our case, outdoor furniture.

This type of application involves dipping theproduct into the varnish and electrifying the liquid, which causes a chemicalreaction that attracts the paint to the metal. As a result, the coverage isdistributed evenly and completely, because every bit of surface area is pullingthe substance onto it. This creates an unbroken, sealed coat resistant to rust,weather, and long-term commercial use.

The alternative (or often the partner with) e-coating is the typical powdercoat, which is applied as a dry powder. This is also used as a means of covering a product with something more durable than normal paint, but it tendsto break down when exposed to U.V. rays, and a consistent, even layer is notguaranteed with powder coating because it is sprayed on as opposed to dipped.Generally the thicker the coat applied, the better the result, but if you arelooking for a thin veneer, you could run into trouble with flaking and unevenpatches.

The best method of furniture finish is a layer of e-coating to prevent rust followed by a powder-coat finish. This combination provides the ideal: durability and aesthetic appeal.

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