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Our new line of Malibu Chairs manufactured with a polypropylene-fiberglass mix feature slender legs and a modern look that seems almost too delicate to handle commercial use. But looks can be deceiving; with the innovative GIM (Gas-Injected Molding) method, manufacturers are able to produce seating that is not only aesthetically original, but also built to last.

  The process of injection molding is used widely for plastic products (such as our Resin chairs) because it is easy to produce large, unflawed quantities of a product without a massive amount of labor and parts to put together.

  GIM increases the efficiency of injection molding, by inserting nitrogen at key stages of production to create and shape air pockets within the mold, the end result is a sturdier product with more creative possibilities. A shape that was too narrow or too thick before could be injected with ribbing spaces, or simply hollowed at certain points, without affecting the outward appearance. It is this process along with the fiberglass element that gives the Malibu its durability.

GIM allows for using the raw material more efficiently as well as a stronger product in the case of the chair, but the material is the least cost. The high cost is actually due to the cost of the machinery and the cost of the mold. For instance, mold for the chair alone could easily be $30,000 or more. Once enough products are run, and the mold has been amortized, the injection molded product for the factory is high profit. And as a consumer, though these chairs may be priced higher than others in its category, the cost of ownership is much lower in the long-run because of the reliability of GIM technology.

  We here at Outdoor Restaurant Seating have taken full advantage of this new method with our new Malibu chair line. The minimalist frame creates a fresh new style for the upcoming spring season. And with a variety of colors from Charcoal to Olive Green, the possibilities for your outdoor dining area are limitless. Check out our selection at the Outdoor Metal Chairs Page!

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