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Recently, many states like California have mandated that restaurants and other establishments make provisions for seating in dining rooms for those in wheelchairs. The spirit of these laws provides accessibility for those with limited mobility or disabilities, much like that of entrance ramps, tactile signs and other ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines.

Having ADA accessible tables not only enables a restaurant to comply with laws, but it also makes sense to provide greater access and comfort to all.

ADA Accessibility for Indoor and Outdoor Restaurant Dining

A typical cafe table with a center table base is not ADA accessible. An ADA accessible table should have legs at the table’s four corners, provide 30” clear space under the table and 36” of uninterrupted space across the side of the table. Typical sizes for ADA tables that are commonly manufactured are 36” x 36”, 30” x 48” or 32” x 48”.

Metal Outdoor 32" x 48" ADA Accessible Restaurant Table

Vista ADA table


How Many ADA Accessible Seats Must be Provided at a Restaurant?

The ADA regulations require that ADA accessible tables and seats account for 5% of the total number of fixed seats in a restaurant. The majority of restaurants across the US seat 50 or fewer patrons, so this means that they only need one table. Keep in mind that if you offer outdoor patio dining that you need to account for this seating in your calculations. Again, being in the hospitality industry should indicate a desire of restaurants to have available, accessible and comfortable seating to accommodate all, and not just because the law requires it.

Does an ADA Accessible Restaurant Table Need to Be Marked?

From our research the ADA regulations do not dictate this, but it is a common practice among national and many other restaurants. In some states, building codes dictate that the ISA (International Symbol of Accessibility) shall be the standard used to identify facilities that are accessible to and usable by physically disabled persons. Some strict interpretations view this as a requirement to provide an ISA on accessible restaurant tables. Once again, its not a bad idea to mark or label an ADA restaurant table.

Faux Teak Outdoor 36" x 36" Outdoor Restaurant Table - ADA Compliant

ADA 36x36 restaurant table

Outdoor Restaurant Seating offers ADA accessible tables for indoor and outdoor commercial use. If you cannot find what you are looking for we encourage to call our experts to help at 610-994-1686.

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