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Commercial Steel Outdoor Fencing for Your Restaurant, Café, Hotel, Bistro or other eatery

Owning and managing a restaurant comes with many challenges; quality food availability, managing employees and keeping patrons happy.  High on your priority list is turning a profit which means turning over tables, upselling, and even adding tables to your floor plan.

One of the easiest ways to increase profitability in your restaurant is to offer outdoor seating.

First, having tables, chairs and umbrellas outside is inviting to passersby who would love to sit down, have a meal or just a cold one.

Second, seeing others enjoying a great meal stimulates one’s interest, if not their appetite. If others are eating and enjoying themselves, then subliminally we would like to follow suit.

Third and most importantly, offering outdoor dining increases the number of patrons that you can serve. All you need is tables and chairs and voilà, you have just expanded your operation and your cash flow.

So why should you have a good, solid, outdoor, moveable commercial fencing?

Its moveable. Check with your local zoning authorities but you probably cannot put up anything that is permanent. Being mobile fencing allows you so tailor your fenced off patio size to meet the requirements of an event, whether a big event or small event, a private event or one that requires direct street access the options are yours.

Its offers privacy. Depending on your space, customers may not like the idea of eating on the sidewalk or they may want the physical (or maybe just psychological) barrier that a moveable fence offers.  Remember your restaurant sells more than food, its offers a fun, relaxing atmosphere and experience.

Its durable. Just because its moveable does not mean that it is not durable. The commercial fencing components are constructed of commercial-grade steel and finished with a durable powder coat charcoal finish. .This end post upright will join to either a 4' or 6' section and serve as the end piece of your fence. Great for securing any outdoor seating area. Easy installation – does not require posts to be anchored into the ground. Black steel fencing comes in 4' and 6' sections. Connecting posts pivot to easily create angled or standard corners.

To see Outdoor Restaurant Furniture’s line of commercial outdoor fencing, click here. You can also call our client service rep at 610-994-1686 for information.

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