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Commercial Movable Fencing

Outdoor Restaurant Seating is now offering a new item- high-quality commercial grade fencing designed to enclose a patio or dining area of any size or shape.

Available in 4'and 6' stretches,these steel fences are powder-coated a smooth charcoal to complement and blendeffortlessly with your establishment's decor. The pieces are easily moved andmaneuvered to fit whatever unique design you have in mind.

Outdoor_Fencing2 Here is a picture of a fence panel attached to the end post, which runs perpendicular to the fence panel. This allows the fence to be sturdy and also be moved around to accommodate guests for any occasion.


Outdoor Restaurant Seating knows that some states and cities have implemented zoninglaws which require outdoor dining areas to be enclosed, and we want to help youturn that obligation into a stylish opportunity. Not only does fencing clearly indicate the dimensions of your patio, it also creates a comfortableenvironment where your diners can enjoy the same secluded atmosphere of adining room with the added pleasure of fresh air and natural sunlight.

A cafe with sidewalk seating can often feel intrusive to the foot traffic, the tablesappearing squeezed and out-of-place. Our fences are slender enough to tactfullysurround even the smallest dining area, but solid enough to instill that senseof a clearly defined space.

Perfectfor any weather, and always competitively priced, try out our fences today and upgrade your outdoor dining area. For More Information Visit Us At:


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