Amsterdam Tapered Rectangular Outdoor Restaurant Planter

Amsterdam Tapered Rectangular Outdoor Restaurant Planter

You don’t have to travel halfway across the globe to find the garden pots and planters that will put the finishing touch on the design of your swanky new club, family restaurant, or café or bistro. The Amsterdam has been designed and developed for business owners and designers who are looking to maximize the decorative potential of their outdoor or indoor dining venue without creating a cluttered look.

Our Amsterdam tapered rectangle planter is available in two sizes. Use a few planters of each size to subtly mix things up or order multiple planter boxes in the same size to create uniformity around the interior or exterior of your restaurant. These tapered rectangular planters are made from a unique fiberglass material that makes them resistant to the elements, which means they can be used in outdoor or indoor areas without the need for much maintenance.

As with all of the other fiberglass planters we offer, the Amsterdam is available in our signature colors. Choose a couple of black planters for professional settings, select the red planters for artistic spaces, or pick up a few metallic planters to enhance your outdoor décor.

Drainage holes available at no charge upon request.

Available sizes:

16" x 10" x 26" = $307.14

20" x 12" x 30" = $430.32