Salzburg Tapered Round Outdoor Restaurant Planter

Salzburg Tapered Round Outdoor Restaurant Planter

If you have been looking for the perfect round planter to hold your small trees or shrubbery while adding a hint of decorative appeal to your outdoor dining space, you have come to the right place. Our Salzburg Round Fiberglass Planter features a traditional rounded pot planter shape and elegantly puts your plants on full display, but you will quickly realize that this isn’t your ordinary round garden planter.

Carefully made out of our premium-grade fiberglass, the Salzburg can be used as either a round outdoor planter or as a round indoor planter. This is because our fiberglass is surprisingly lightweight, yet incredibly durable and is able to easily withstand both high and low temps. The frost-resistant lightweight material makes our planting pots easy to carry, easy to move, and dependable.

The Salzburg Round Fiberglass Planter is available in multiple classic and trendy colors, allowing you to pick and choose the ones that best coordinate with your décor. These round pot planters also come in your choice of size. Choose the 16 x 16 x 12” planter or the 20 x 20 x 15” pot planter depending on the area you plan to use it in and the size of the plant you will plant.

Available sizes:

16 x 16 x 12” = $146.83

20 x 20 x 15” = $226.90