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Bucket Seat Barstool Discount Closeout Sale

Bucket Seat Barstool Discount Closeout Sale

Outdoor Restaurant Seating is has black or red large size bucket barstools for sale at $39.50. Call 610-994-1686 to order this barstool and to find out about other wholesale and discounted barstools in inventory. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



How to Select Outdoor Commercial Furniture for your Patio, Restaurant or Cafe

Are you designing or renovating your restaurant, cafe, bistro or hotel or other hospitality business? Selecting the right type of furntiure is imperative to the ambience, comfort and overall experience of your clients. Below is an outline of four types of furniture materials and conditions where they are best suited.

Outdoor Restaurant Furniture

When you are deciding on what type of outdoor furniture you need for your restaurant, café, or home, it is important to consider the different strengths and weaknesses of the materials available.

There are four natural weather elements that affect your seating; heat, ultraviolet rays, rain, and wind. Teak, aluminum, steel, and plastic furniture all react to these factors in a variety of ways.

Steel is the heaviest of the materials, which makes it the best choice for windy areas. It is also very resistant to UV damage, though it can heat up quickly so umbrellas and other coverings are recommended if you opt for this product. Because steel has such high heat absorption however, it makes it a quick-dry surface for rainy locations. There is also a bit of variety with this option; you can order the steel in stainless or powder-coated depending on which appearance you prefer.

Teak is a great choice for that natural, wood look and feel, though long-term maintenance is required to protect it from UV damage. The base dictates the weight of the table, so you can customize your purchase based on whether you want easily transportable or wind-resistant furniture. Over-heating is not an issue with wood, however that means that rain will not dry off as quickly as with metal.

Aluminum is very rust-resistant, and cast aluminum is even more effective against patina. It is a very low-maintenance metal. Direct sunlight may cause it to over- heat, but for the most part Aluminum is a good bet anywhere. It is heavy enough to be wind-resistant, and because it is a metal it does not absorb rain, making it a quick-dry material. For an environment that is prone to inclement weather, or if you are looking for furniture that can be tough but upscale, cast aluminum is your best bet.

Plastic is the economically-priced option; it is light for easy transport (but vulnerable to wind), and dries fast but not as quickly as metal. Heat is reflected, not absorbed, so it stays cool. This product is affected by ultraviolet radiation. For a casual dining establishment that is in need of equally casual seating, plastic is the optimal preference.

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20 Ways to Renovate Your Restaurant on a Budget

Restaurant owners like other small businesses need to make small improvements to keep clients comfortable and happy...and do so on a small budget. Here are 20 ideas for any shoestring budget to renovate an existing or start-up restaurant economically.

1.     Give your restaurant a whole new look without the disruption and at the fraction of the cost of major renovation by upgrading tables & chairs.

2.     Changing table sizes can give the dining room more flexibility and use 2- 24x30 vs. 1-30x48.

3.     Changing dinnerware to oversized plates. Are table sizes sufficient to handle?

4.     More seats = more revenue. Expand dining area with outdoor furniture.

5.     Make chairs to fit cliental; i.ei chairs for seniors.

6.     Flip top table bases ease of chaining up outdoor tables also storage in winter.

7.     Stacking outdoor chairs and barstools  same as #6.

8.     Use of bar height tables for dining.

9.     Consider type of flooring to prevent glide issues.

10.   Economics of resin tops with the look of wood.

11.   Benefits of types of upholstery, i.e. vinyl, Cryptons.

12.   Comfort of seating in regards to planned turns.

13.   Coordinate colors vs. matching colors, mixing wood colors for more interest.

14.   Treat different parts of dining room like separate areas that don't necessarily match but talk to each other (watching too much HGTV)

15.   Comfortable customers come back.

16.   Remember to periodically tighten hardware on wooden stools and chairs

17.   Outdoor diners are like a billboard for your restaurant

18.   Make sure that all upholstery foam meets fire regulations, especially in California.

19.   Metal outdoor furniture won't blow away like plastic.

20.   Ask about shipping and delivery options

If you have additional questions or comments, please email or call our restaurant design team of experts. All design consultations are included with your furniture purchases. We can give you ideas on how to maximize space, work flow, efficiency, table turnover and dining comfort and experience.

Outdoor Restaurant Furniture

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Articles: Learn about all the products, materials, and options that best fit your needs. Questions? We are a call away at 610-994-1686.

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Name the first Irishman you see in the spring?

Paddy O'Furniture

Poor pun, but a good reminder that the outdoor dining season is right around the corner.

If you currently have an eating area outdoors at your establishment or are considering patio or deck seating, there are several points to consider.

Will the furniture need to be stored, either at the end of the day or the end of the season? If so, chairs that stack and tables that can fold up or disassemble would be worth considering.

Is the area in direct sun? You may want to consider tables with umbrellas and/or cushions on metal chairs to avoid glare.

Is the area subject to heavy wind? Lighter plastic furniture, though less expensive and easier to move, can blow away easily. Wrought Iron or Aluminum might be preferable.

What will most of your patrons be wearing? Strap or sling furniture is more comfortable and dries quicker if your clientele might be in bathing suits.

Cast aluminum furniture is impervious to the elements and is thus good for areas where the furniture may be left out all year long. Wrought Iron is also resistant to weather, but not as much as aluminum. Plastic can take rain, but is more inclined to fade over time and can blow around easily.

Teak furniture can look very nice in an outdoor setting but will require more maintenance over time, which is why ORS is making the switch to the more durable Synthetic teak.

All the materials have tradeoffs, and if you're not sure which is best for your operation, give us a call and let us help you in your choice of outdoor commercial seating.

Outdoor Restaurant Furniture

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Restaurant owners and managers depend on us to maximize space usage, consider outdoor conditions, and provide high-quality furniture to create comfortable accommodations for patrons and — most importantly — the best return on investment. We work with high-quality hospitality furniture manufacturers across North America to bring you the finest selection and locate the closest manufacturer or warehouse to save you money on freight. 

Outdoor Restaurant Seating is the sales and product education channel owned and managed by Super Seatz, LLC, with our sales office in Allentown, PA. Super Seatz, LLC, specializes in working with restaurant owners to expand outdoor dining areas and maximize return on investment.

Outdoor Restaurant Seating provides chairs, barstools, furniture, banquet tables, stackable chairs, tables, tabletops, and table bases, to restaurants, cafes, bars, banquet facilities, churches, and other social halls.

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