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The Soho Werzalit commercial table top is used indoor and outdoors in dining areas for restaurant, hotels and in other hospitality locations. Werzalit is unique, durable and offers great value. Its no wonder that it’s so popular. If you don’t know, here is why:

Werzalit is a patented manufacturing process, developed by Werzalit AG & Co. of Germany. Their process combines wood, resins and melamine to produce a unique high tech composite. Werzalit produces tabletops, building products and other specialty items that must withstand the extremes of moisture, weather and surface abrasion. Werzalit of America produces a range of quality tabletops and other products in its Bradford, Pennsylvania plant.


Werzalit core material is designed to resist Immersion in water- even boiling water - wet conditions that would cause ordinary particle board to quickly disintegrate. Also, Werzalit is molded with a fused thermo set surface that resists stains, scratches and harsh use.

Werzalit tabletop surfaces are Melamine, one of the world's toughest plastics. Melamine is so scratch resistant that it is used in dinnerware, ashtrays and other products that must stand up to hard use and repeated scrubbing. Melamine is so hard and non-porous that even dried paint can be removed easily. It is resistant to graffiti, cigarette burns, bird droppings and all types of food stains. The surface will not harbor bacteria or mildew. Stubborn stains can be removed with household cleaners and light rubbing with 0000 steel wool.


(Pictured above is the Sierra Sand round Soho with stiletto base)

There are five color options in the Soho family offered by table manufacturer BFM Seating: Canyon Brown, Galaxy, Sierra Sand, Silver Mist and Grey Slate.

The round table top dimensions are 24”, 30”, 36”, 42” ad 48”. Square table top dimensions are 24”, 30”, and 36”. Two rectangle table top dimensions are available in 24 x 32” and 32” x 48”.


Umbrella holes can be drilled upon request.

If you have additional questions or comments, please email or call our restaurant design team of experts at 610-994-1686. All design consultations are included with your furniture purchases. We can give you ideas on how to maximize space, work flow, efficiency, table turnover and dining comfort and experience.

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